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The latest news and analysis covering water issues in the San Diego County region and Southern California.

California Drought Bill Victory Could Be Short-Lived: Sen. Barbara Boxer Pledges Filibuster As One Of Her Last Acts

The water policy measure overwhelmingly passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday to build long-term water infrastructure across the Golden State is headed for a showdown with outgoing Sen. Barbara Boxer, who plans to mount a filibuster in the Senate on Friday as one of her final acts in Congress. The overall bill — which […]

Calif. Water Savings Steadies

Californians did a good job of saving water in October, a month of heavy rainfall amid easing drought conditions in a state enduring five straight dry years, regulators said Tuesday. Cities used 19.5 percent less in October compared with 2013, shortly before Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency. That’s up from 18 percent in […]

Utility seeks public input on water rules

Last week, state water officials released a draft report on the implementation of long-term water conservation requirements established to meet Gov. Jerry Brown‘s May 9 executive order and are now seeking public input. Water agencies have been asked to adopt new standards for urban water use by 2020 that include setting targets for indoor and […]

Farm Bureau Supports Federal Water Legislation

Urging Congress to allow California to take full advantage of coming winter storms, the California Farm Bureau Federation said today it supports the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act slated for a vote this week. “As California faces a potential sixth consecutive drought year, it’s critical for Congress to do what it can to […]