San Diego County / Southern California

The latest news and analysis covering water issues in the San Diego County region and Southern California.

Desalination: Poseidon Still Trying to Plant Its Trident Into Huntington Beach

HUNTINGTON BEACH—Southern California was hit with enough rain in 2019 for many experts and observers to declare an end to the region’s most recent drought – which could be bad news for Poseidon Water’s plans to build a desalination plant near land’s edge in Huntington Beach. It is hard to drum up a lot of […]

EVWD Adds Renewable Energy to Sterling Project

Working to “Make Every Source a Resource” and striving toward a more sustainable future, East Valley Water District (EVWD) Board of Directors approved the addition of state-of-the-art co-digester technology at the Sterling Natural Resource Center (SNRC) during the Sept. 11 board meeting. This enhancement represents a significant improvement to the project by allowing the SNRC […]

What it Takes to Deep Clean a Water Reclamation Facility

If a water reclamation facility goes off-line, it is a major problem. Yet there are certain major maintenance operations that can’t be done while the process is running normally. So, what gives when this particular irresistible force meets this immovable object? You have to get creative. The City of Victorville, CA built an innovative treatment […]

Wastewater Project Could Create Drought-Proof Drinking Water for 500,000 Southern California Homes

In its effort to establish a new, drought-proof source of water that could serve a half-million Southern California homes, the Metropolitan Water District on Thursday, Oct. 10 unveiled a $17 million pilot plant that will bring wastewater to drinkable standards. Water from the trial project in Carson will not be piped to customers – it […]