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The latest news and analysis covering water issues in the San Diego County region and Southern California.

LA Has Plan for Network of Waterways in the Land of Cars

Kneeling on its concrete bank, Silva reached down through the water of the Los Angeles River and pulled out the perfect thing: a handful of mud. He makes freshwater aquariums, and the mud of the river makes for the perfect base. “It has worms, nemotodes, rocks, it’s all there.” With long hair banded back, he put […]

LAFCO Sends Draft Municipal Service Review of RCDs to Public Review

A resource conservation district does not have regulatory power but is classified as a special district and is thus subject to Local Agency Formation Commission governance. San Diego County’s LAFCO undertakes periodic municipal service reviews for all special districts, and the draft municipal service review for the three resource conservation districts in San Diego County […]

Salton Sea Habitat Project Breaks Ground Near New River Delta

Construction began this week on a 4,110-acre wetlands project on the Salton Sea’s playa near the mouth of the highly polluted New River, the California Department of Natural Resources announced Wednesday.

Sustainable Gardeners, Get Into Your Climate Zone

People around the world know San Diego for its beautiful, sunny, and mild weather. San Diego residents know our daily weather has more variety than visitors might imagine. Climate is defined as the average weather conditions in an area over a long period, generally 30 years or more. German climate scientist Wladimir Koppen first divided […]