The R.M. Levy Water Treatment Plant operated by the Helix Water District. Photo: Helix Water DistrictThe R.M. Levy Water Treatment Plant operated by the Helix Water District. Photo: Helix Water District

Helix Water District Releases Water Quality Report

Helix Water District’s newly released 2023 Water Quality Report shows that throughout 2023, the district continued to deliver top-quality drinking water that meets all federal and state drinking water regulations.

What water supplies contain depends on where they come from. As water travels through rock, soils, and rivers, it takes with it the characteristics of those environments. In 2023, 54% of Helix water came from Lake Cuyamaca and local creeks, after winter storms dropped 58 inches of rain and snow on the mountains east of San Diego.

The Colorado River provided 26% of the district’s water supply. The remaining 20% came from rivers in Northern California through the State Water Project.  Helix manages the characteristics of each water source through its multistep treatment process.

“Our system operators carefully blend the water from each of our sources to improve water quality, and our on-site chemist and biologist work hand in glove with our water treatment plant operators,” said Helix Water District General Manager Brian Olney. “It takes a highly trained and very committed team to maintain our level of water quality year after year.”

The 2023 Water Quality Report explains the water quality standards mandated through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state of California regulations. It presents Helix Water District’s water quality data for each standard. As in years past, the district’s tap water met all standards.

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