DWR Increasing Hyatt Powerplant Releases, Water Reaches Oroville Dam Spillway Gates

The state Department of Water Resources plans to increase releases from Hyatt Powerplant to prepare for forecasted weather and water storage considerations. Lake Oroville was at 817 feet elevation, about 67.6 percent of its total capacity, on Wednesday afternoon. DWR said in a press release Tuesday that 10-day projections showed the lake reaching 835 feet on March 15. DWR plans to increase outflows from Hyatt Powerplant from 5,000 cubic feet per second, or cfs, to 7,000 cfs. “As updated forecasts are issued, DWR may consider increasing or decreasing outflow by using Hyatt Powerplant and/or the main spillway, to manage lake levels,” the department stated in a press release.