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Public Workshops on California Water Conveyance Projects

The California Water Commission is holding public workshops as part of its efforts to assess a potential state role in financing conveyance projects that could help meet needs in a changing climate. A workshop in Southern California is scheduled for December 10 on Zoom.

The Commission’s goal with the workshops is to hear from diverse voices across the state. Participants from the region are encouraged to share their perspective on conveyance projects, conveyance infrastructure needs and priorities.

Water Managers Urge Patience After Initial, 10% Allocation from State Water Project

The rainy season is still young, but that’s about the only consolation to be found in California’s initial estimate this week that farmers who get water from the State Water Project will only get 10 percent of their requested allocations next year. This marks the third consecutive year the initial estimate has been that low.

What the Current Dry Spell Means for the Long-Term Local Water Supply

It’s been four years since a protracted drought had Southern Californians taking four-minute showers and turning off the tap during tooth brushing.

Now, with no rain forecast for the foreseeable future and fires once again raging in the southland, the prospect of another drought is looming large, along with its implications.

The Rancher Trying to Solve the West’s Water Crisis

Paul Bruchez’s family has ranched cattle in Colorado for five generations. And twice in his lifetime, his generation has nearly become the last. The first time, it was the city of Denver that squeezed them out. By the 1990s, when Bruchez was still in high school, the city’s fast-growing suburbs had swept north and totally surrounded their roughly 2,000 acres in Westminster.

SoCal is Likely to See a Dry La Niña Winter, New Data Show

Amid California’s worst fire season in history, climate experts are predicting hot and dry conditions this winter. “On average there will be less moisture than we would normally receive here in California,” says Dr. Lowell Stott, a professor of earth sciences at the University of Southern California.

New Research Explains Why Salmon are Dying in the Pacific Northwest. The Danger Lurks in California, Too

In research published Thursday, a team of university and government scientists identify a toxic material derived from tire treads that is washing into rivers and creeks as the killer of as many as 90% of the coho salmon in parts of the Puget Sound.

CWA Vote Entitlement Percentage Down for Rainbow MWD, FPUD, Camp Pendleton

The San Diego County Water Authority board meeting Thursday, Nov. 19, approved the 2021 weighted vote allocations for SDCWA member agencies and the weighted vote for the Rainbow Municipal Water District, the Fallbrook Public Utility District and U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton will decrease from the agencies’ 2020 vote entitlements.

RWQCB Rescinds Waste Discharge Order for Oak Knoll Campground

The Regional Water Quality Control Board rescinded the waste discharge order for Oak Knoll Campground in Pauma Valley.

Opinion: Governor’s Talk On Environment Falls Short When it Comes to the Poseidon Project

Orange County sees past Poseidon’s efforts to buy support for its desalination boondoggle. Why can’t Gov. Newsom? Poseidon Water, a large water development company, has been pushing to build a $1.4-billion water desalination plant in Huntington Beach. Like Poseidon’s underperforming, high-cost plant in Carlsbad, the plant and its inflated water would be paid for by ratepayers.