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Plunging Into San Diego River Days — Even At Creek Behind El Cajon Mall

San Diego River Days isn’t all about the namesake waterway. It’s also about a creek behind an El Cajon mall. On Saturday, the annual civic celebration kicked off with events including ones at Parkway Plaza — which gave a tributary some TLC. “We’re targeting a project in Forester Creek because in particular it’s very polluted and we see a lot of trash,” said Marina Varano, outreach and engagement coordinator for the San Diego River Park Foundation. When it rains, the waste flows enters the San Diego River, she said, “so we want to engage the community in environmental stewardship.”

Colorado To Make Tough Decisions When It Comes To Water Usage In Drought Contingency Plan

The water battle is over, but the war has just begun. At the 26th annual Summit County State of the River conference at the Silverthorne Pavilion this past Tuesday, the mood was light because of robust snowpack in the mountains and the recent approval of a drought contingency plan to lower water usage during critical shortages among states in the Lower Colorado River Basin — Nevada, Arizona and California. However, when it comes to water, consistency is preferred over short-term victories, and the West is still in the midst of a long-term water shortage in Lake Powell and Lake Mead, primary reservoirs that serve 40 million people.