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Rain Barrels Work With Long Beach Sustainability Efforts

For the next 75 days, Cindy Berglund will be traveling around Southern California in her motor home, lugging rain barrels with her. Last weekend, her company, Rain Barrels International, joined with the city’s Office of Sustainability to offer a free class on rainwater harvesting. More than 80 people signed up in advance for the class at Recreation Park but the presentation ended up being to a standing room only crowd.

Garcetti Pledges L.A. Will Recycle 100% Of Wastewater By 2035

Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged last week that Los Angeles will recycle 100 percent of its wastewater by 2035 as part of an effort to reduce the city’s dependence on imported water. “Conservation is about more than how we respond to a dry year — it should shape how we prepare our city for tomorrow,” Garcetti said. “Maximizing L.A.’s recycling capacity will increase the amount of water we source locally, and help to ensure that Angelenos can count on access to clean water for generations to come.”

‘The Great Flood Of 1916’: Could History Repeat Itself At The Sweetwater Dam?

The heavy rainfall of early 2019 has been a welcome sight for many in San Diego County hoping for an improvement in California’s drought conditions. However, with that rainfall comes some concern about the structural integrity of county dams and the potential for catastrophic flooding on par with a devastating event that happened over 100 years ago in the South Bay.