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California’s Central Valley: Ground Zero In Water War

Stretching hundreds of miles from the mountains bordering Los Angeles north toward the state capital, the San Joaquin Valley doesn’t resemble landscapes typically associated with California. Devoid of the skyscrapers, beaches and bridges that make California famous, the sprawling valley is instead filled with thousands of farms and oil fields that quietly help drive the state’s $2.7 trillion economy. Known as the “food basket of the world,” for over a century the valley and its rich soil have spoiled Americans with a wide variety of nuts, produce, wine grapes, dairy and even cotton.

Using The Reconstructed Oroville Dam Spillway: What You Need To Know

The chance that Oroville Dam’s reconstructed primary spillway gets used in the coming days is unlikely, the California Department of Water Resources said Friday. Still, water officials are keeping a close watch on the Lake Oroville water level, which is rising. Inflows into the lake as the result of mountain runoff, as well as predicted rainfall, will lead the water in Lake Oroville to continue to rise. As of 5 p.m. Friday, the lake sat at roughly 775 feet, far below the main spillway gates, which are at 813 feet. So, how does it all work? Here’s how things could play out, according to DWR.

San Diego Water Authority Head Retires After More Than Two Decades

The San Diego County Water Authority’s long-time general manager, Maureen Stapleton, informed the agency’s board this week that she will be retiring. Sandy Kerl, who has been the authority’s deputy general manager since 2009, will serve as acting general manager, while the 24-member water wholesaler conducts a search.