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Arizona Water Leaders Lean On Developers To Support Drought Plan

As the Colorado River teeters on the brink of shortage, water leaders in Arizona are begging developers to pressure legislators to sign off on a drought plan, while also aiming to reassure those developers that despite a drier future, it’s safe to come to Arizona and build. “We need all of you to go to your favorite legislator and express your support for the Drought Contingency Plan,” Tom Buschatzke, the director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources, told a group of 250 development industry representatives and others during a breakfast meeting Friday. “I implore you.”

A Recap Of California’s Water Year So Far

When the skies clear and the weather gets calmer, it’s a good time to take stock of our storms and see where we are with water in California. Starting with snowpack, Sierra storms have been strong lately, with many adding feet of fresh, new snow. As of Monday, the snow is above average at 111 percent, and that number is expected to grow with additional snow from the last storm. About 30 percent of California’s water comes from snowpack, so when that metric is in good shape, it tends to set the tone for other indicators.

California Water Projects Would Get Boost Under Budget Fund

Nearly one million Californians use contaminated water to drink, shower, and cook, but the state’s politicians want to change that—including by amending the constitution or taxing certain products. Two state assembly members, Republican Devon Mathis and Democrat Eduardo Garcia, filed language Jan. 16 to amend the state constitution to require that 2 percent of the general fund budget be set aside each year for water quality, supply, and delivery projects in the thirsty state.