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Why California Law Requires a Clear Benefit for Groundwater Recharge

Researchers at the University of California recently highlighted a flaw in state law that may prohibit diverting streamflow to recharge groundwater. The problem is that groundwater recharge by itself is not considered a “beneficial use” under state law, and meeting that definition is a requirement to obtain a permit to divert water. Officials at the State Water Resources Control Board, which oversees water rights, say the reality is not so clear-cut. In fact, existing rules allow most groundwater recharge projects to obtain a water right.

County Offers Discounted Rain Barrels

The Solana Center for Environmental Innovation and the County of San Diego are offering discounted rain barrels to encourage harvesting of rainwater. By using a rain barrel, county residents can reduce pollution from runoff, conserve water and save money on their water bills. The cost is $90 per 50-gallon rain barrel, but residents of incorporated cities can qualify for a $35 rebate per rain barrel on up to two rain barrels per household, bringing the cost to $55 each. Residents of unincorporated areas of the county can get an additional $30 discount, (limited to two discounts per household) for the first 200 rain barrels sold.