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Congress Must Move to Renew Federal Fund Vital For Watershed Protection

FOR MORE THAN 50 years, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has protected national parks and open spaces in every corner of the United States. In many ways, it is the most important conservation and recreation program in the U.S. But it will expire at the end of this month, unless Congress acts to reauthorize it prior to that. We need the LWCF to protect iconic outdoor places, increase public access to public lands for hunting, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities, and create parks for our communities.

A Guide To Drought-Friendly Aloes

Debilitating droughts, fierce fires, water shortages — all are contributing to some people getting rid of their gardens. However, people can enjoy colorful plants while conserving water by changing their plant choices. Consider succulent plants. Succulents are defined as any plant storing water in leaves, stems or roots to withstand drought. (Cactuses are succulents, but botanists set them apart in their own category of Cactaceae.) Botanists have categorized succulent plants into many different genera. The most widely used in home gardens are aloes, agaves, aeoniums, kalanchoe, sedums, echeveria, euphorbia and crassula.