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OPINION: California’s Leaky Bucket Theory Of Public Improvement

Unfortunately, Californians have come to expect significant levels of waste and incompetence when it comes to government programs. Just last week, we learned that the “new” $290 million computer system for the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration — in the works for over a decade — was having significant problems with tax filers trying to submit their quarterly returns. Despite California being home to Silicon Valley and the best high-tech minds on the planet, the State of California has a sorry history of failure when implementing big computer projects.

OPINION: Securing A Reliable Water Future

The imported water that keeps most of Ventura County running comes from one main source — Northern California. It is delivered to us through the State Water Project. Protecting our supply — and our economy — means modernizing the heart of this delivery system hundreds of miles away in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The state is on the verge of doing so with a project known as California WaterFix, with Ventura County securing an important role in managing its construction. After more than 11 long years of study, planning and debate, WaterFix is moving forward.

Over-Billings On Water Meters In San Diego Topped $2 Million

When customers started complaining early last year about spiking water bills, authorities downplayed the situation. Water department officials repeatedly said that leaky toilets, broken sprinklers and the rising cost of water were likely to blame, even as customer complaints flooded into the agency’s public hotline for months. However, a recent analysis by the San Diego Union-Tribune has shown that single-family homes serviced by the city’s water department were collectively overcharged by more than $2 million last year — with some residents receiving bills for tens of thousands of dollars.