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California Water Use Back To Pre-Drought Levels As Conservation Wanes

California’s water conservation habits, refined and improved over five years of drought, are quickly evaporating. For the seventh time in the last eight months, the amount of water saved by urban Californians has declined, according to new data from the State Water Resources Control Board. In other words, lawn sprinklers are back on, showers are getting longer and overall, California’s water use, after five years of conserving, is now back to where it was before the drought began.

OPINION: Prop. 68 Water, Parks Bond Deserves Californians’ Support

One of the easiest decisions for California voters on the June 5 ballot should be Proposition 68. Vote yes on the $4.1 billion bond plan to fund parks and water projects throughout the state. The ballot measure is the first statewide parks and water bond to appear before voters since 2006, when the $5.4 billion Proposition 84 was approved by 54 percent of voters. Prop 68 would authorize $2.83 billion for parks projects that would fund everything from building Bay Area hiking trails to upgrading California’s 110 state parks.

City Holds Face-To-Face Meetings To Address Water Bill Spikes

In the first of a series of weekend customer service sessions held by the city since receiving a flood of complaints over huge spikes in water bills, concerned homeowners spoke out. It’s the first of three weekend sessions planned in coming weeks to address residents’ complaints that they were being charged by the city for more water than they actually used. The sessions come after months of investigations and reporting by the NBC 7 Responds team.