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OPINION: California Needs Better Weather Prediction Tools for Water Management

Current weather forecasting tools are less than adequate for managing California’s most vital natural resource, state water officials said Tuesday. People at the state Department of Water Resources are now working with researchers at NASA and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography to develop new technology to better forecast moisture-laden atmospheric river storms, like the ones that hammered the Mother Lode and the rest of the Central Sierra in January and February.

California’s Reservoirs Are Full, But Will This Winter Be Wet Or Dry?

Like every autumn, October is bringing cooler weather, changing leaves and pumpkins to fields across California. But unlike the past five years, when a historic drought gripped the state, there’s something new across the landscape: full reservoirs. From a water supply standpoint, California is heading into this winter’s rainy season in much better shape than any year since 2011. San Luis Reservoir, the massive inland sea between Gilroy and Los Banos that provides key supplies for Central Valley farmers and cities from San Jose to San Diego, is 86 percent full. A year ago it was only a quarter full.

As Marijuana Industry Explodes, Some Shift Focus To Water Conservation

Marijuana is becoming big business around the West as more states legalize the plant’s cultivation for recreational purposes. California’s entry into the field, which becomes official on January 1, is certain to bring an explosion of cannabis-related commerce simply because of the size of its market. All this poses a vital question: How much will marijuana tax the West’s water supplies?

Poseidon Water To Collaborate With Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory To Research And Develop New Water Technologies

Poseidon Water announced a collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) to support the development of new water technologies to lower the energy requirements, environmental impacts, and costs of water
treatment. Poseidon has offered to share access and operating data from the Carlsbad and proposed Huntington Beach desalination facilities to allow for the development and testing of new water technologies.

Bad Taste, Smell of Water Draws Complaints in Vista, Escondido

An equipment glitch at a North County water treatment plant is most likely behind the disagreeable taste and smell some have noticed in Vista and Escondido tap water for more than a week — but the unpleasantness should taper off in a day or so, water officials said Tuesday. Officials with the water districts that serve the two cities underscored that the water has been and remains safe and that the problem was aesthetic only.