RMWD Quitclaims Bonsall Oaks Easements

The redesign of the planned Bonsall Oaks development will involve the relocation of facilities for which easements must be granted and, on Jan. 24, the Rainbow Municipal Water District approved the quitclaim of easements previously granted to Rainbow.

Rainbow’s board voted 5-0 to approve the quitclaim of the easements. The quitclaim excludes certain portions for which facilities will be constructed, and subsequent easement dedication is expected.

Rainbow Approves Changes to Bonsall Oaks Security Agreement

In October 2016, the security agreement for what was then called the Polo Club was changed from a performance bond to a lien contract which prohibits the construction of any improvements, the selling of any lots in the subdivision or the issuance of permits before the lien contract is replaced by a security bond. The proposed subdivision is now called Bonsall Oaks, and the current ownership will be replacing a lien contract with a security bond for the first phase of the project.