Water Still ‘Taste, Smell Like Dirt?’ City of San Diego Says Issues Should Be Gone Soon

City of San Diego residents reached out to us two weeks ago saying their water “tastes like dirt.”

CBS 8 worked to get an answer from the city. We were told the change in the water’s taste and smell was expected to be gone within a few days.

Residents in North Park said their water is still tasting and smelling strange.

Residents Complain San Diego Drinking Water Is ‘Stinky’ and ‘Smells Like Mold’

Earthy, musty smelling water coming out of faucets in some San Diego neighborhoods will be around for a couple more days — but city officials say it presents no safety issues.

Officials said the odd smell of the water comes from a naturally occurring organic compound called 2-methylisoborneol, or MIB — caused by algae blooms in reservoirs that tend to happen during hot weather.