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State Waits for New Water-Efficiency Proposals

SACRAMENTO – Stakeholders statewide are reviewing and analyzing recently released new legislative language for two water-use efficiency bills that generated opposition by water agencies, including the Water Authority, when they were introduced last year.

The companion bills – AB 1668 authored by Assemblymember Laura Friedman (Burbank) and SB 606 by Sen. Bob Hertzberg (Van Nuys) –  propose a new water conservation ethic and aggressive water-use standards for Californians. Dozens of water agencies and stakeholders opposed the bills because of concerns related to enforcement of new laws and their failure to encourage development of new supplies such as potable reuse.

During winter recess in Sacramento, opponents provided more input on refinements that would be needed to earn water agencies’ support; some of those suggestions have been incorporated into the bills, but a number of important policy and implementation issues remain unresolved.

The Water Authority also remains actively engaged with local and regional organizations throughout San Diego County to communicate the agency’s policy positions on the long-term water use efficiency legislation.