California and the U.S.

The latest news and analysis covering water issues in Caliornia and the rest of the United States.

County On Pace To Double Rainfall

Meteorologists are unsure if the current El Niño weather patterns will provide enough rainfall to pull California out of its historic four-year drought. But we do know that things are trending that way after a wet December that marked the halfway point in the water year.   Particularly, the second quarter of the water year […]

El Nino Conditions Already Weakening

As robust storms continue to move through California, El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean are already starting to weaken, a National Weather Service expert says.   Sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific that serve as a key fuel for the weather phenomenon are starting to cool, although a strong El Nino is expected […]

Clashes on California Water Resume In DC with Introduction of Drainage Bill

U.S. lawmakers from California have more political turbulence ahead of them with the introduction Tuesday of a bill to settle a long-running San Joaquin Valley irrigation drainage dispute.   The legislation by Rep. David Valadao, R-Hanford, would implement a sweeping drainage settlement reached between the Obama administration and the Westlands Water District. It also reignites […]

The Seven Charts You Need to Fathom California’s Water Prospects

It’s finally raining in California — just when we’d begun to think that it would never rain again. But the state is deep in water debt. Traditionally, California has depended on snowmelt for about a third of its water. The recent storms have gotten California’s snowpack up to slightly above average for this time of […]

El Niño Heat Peaks, But Impacts Still to Come

It looks like this El Niño — which will rank among the strongest on record — has passed its peak in terms of tropical ocean temperatures, but it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, the biggest El Niño impacts on the U.S., like rain and snow for California, are probably still to come.   […]

OPINION:Agencies Deserve Credit for Water Supply Investments

El Niño is finally making its presence felt with a series of welcome storms. Since we don’t yet know if it will put a significant dent in California’s epic drought, state regulators are preparing the next version of an emergency regulation that has required statewide mandatory conservation in urban areas since last June.   An […]