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Climate change: One Man’s Fight To Save A California Tree

As a child, he had happily played and hiked among these statuesque conifers, which provide shelter to black bears and black-tailed deer. By the age of 37, he wanted to do his bit to conserve and repair the land. But in the six years since he began, California has experienced severe drought, which scientists link to global warming, and 650 of Cody’s 750 seedlings died. Cody’s emotional account of surveying his dying trees struck a chord with thousands of people on social media when it was posted on Earth Day, in April.

Rain Returns To Southern California And Another Storm Is Coming Tuesday

Pay no mind to the fact that Memorial Day is around the corner — winter is here again. Across California, yet another May storm on Sunday brought cool temperatures and rainfall throughout Southern California, hail in the Bay Area and even snow in the Sierra. “This is May gray on steroids,” said Bill Patzert, a local weather expert and former climatologist with Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “Usually by this time of year, we’re done, but this meandering jet stream has been persistent through the spring, and it’s given us four times our normal rainfall.”