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‘Critical Shutdown’ Stops River Water From Reaching Lake Casitas

Runoff from the Ventura River gave Lake Casitas some much-needed relief over the past several weeks until about five feet of muck got in the way. With no imported water, the lake depends on local rainfall and river runoff, including through a diversion canal above the lake. In recent years, however, diverting water happened a lot less as a years-long drought dragged on. Rainstorms got fewer and much further between. Lake levels dropped and the local water supply shrank.

VOSD Podcast: Going Deep On Pure Water

For more than a decade, San Diego has been talking about recycling water. Wastewater would be filtered to drinking water standards and eventually provide the city about a third of its water needs. In November, the City Council approved the first, $1.4 billion phase of the project, but the city can’t and won’t say how much that will affect customer’s bills. Voice of San Diego’s Ry Rivard joins the pod this week to talk about why the city is saying “there is no simple calculation” it could perform to see how much ratepayer’s will have to foot the bill. That discussion starts at minute 29.