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New Storm To Hit San Diego County Late Friday

San Diego County will get hit by the second storm of the week late Friday. But it will be weaker than Tuesday’s system and will do little to reduce the growing deficit in seasonal rainfall. The National Weather Service says the system is likely to drop about a half-inch of rain at the coast and twice as much across inland valleys and foothills by the time it moves east late Saturday. The system also could bring snow. But the storm is warmer, so the snow level will be at about 6,000 feet.

OPINION: Come 2050, Californians Will Wish They Had More Dams

A new University of California report forecasts kick-to-the-gut climate-change realities for California farmers, especially those who grow permanent crops in the Central Valley. In a nutshell, the report anticipates big trouble ahead for crops such as almonds, peaches, table grapes, corn and rice. Scorching summer heat and longer periods of sustained drought will reduce yields. Higher temperatures also will provide a perfect incubator for insects and diseases. Some longtime Valley staples won’t be grown here at all. Ag is nimble in adapting to challenges.

Tunnels Foes Ask For Delay

Delta interests will ask a judge Friday to put a stop to the ongoing twin tunnels hearings in Sacramento, alleging that improper communication has taken place between project proponents and evaluators. The city of Stockton, San Joaquin County, other Delta government agencies and environmental groups are asking for a temporary restraining order to stop the hearing until their claims can be investigated in greater detail. In court papers, they argue that the conduct of state officials “threatens both the property rights of millions of citizens and the environment.”

How Much Snow Next Winter? It May Not Remain A Mystery Much Longer

If we had known a year ago that this winter would be so dry, would we have conserved water more aggressively last summer? Would ski resorts have installed more snowmaking equipment? Would farmers buy different seeds to plant this spring? These are among the tantalizing questions raised by a team of government and university scientists, who believe they have developed a tool to predict mountain snowpack in the West up to eight months in advance – long before the first winter snowflake has fallen.

Sacramento County Alleges Secret Meetings Over Delta Tunnels, Files Lawsuit

Sacramento County is leading a lawsuit accusing state officials of holding illegal secret meetings about the controversial Delta tunnels project. The county, joined by the city of Stockton, several Delta water agencies and a group of environmental organizations, sued the State Water Resources Control Board on Tuesday. The suit claims officials with the state water board met privately and illegally as far back as 2015 with representatives of the California Department of Water Resources and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the lead agencies planning the tunnels.

Can One Monster Storm Save California From Drought?

After months of relatively dry weather in California, this winter’s biggest storm to date is set to deliver rain at lower elevations and feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains. That’s good news for the precipitation-starved state, but will this storm be enough to mitigate the growing number of areas facing severe drought? The National Weather Service reports that the storm will begin late tonight and impact the state through Saturday.

A ‘Pretty Significant Storm’ Is Expected On Thursday And Has Authorities On Alert

A winter storm that is on track to hit Southern California on Thursday is expected to bring steady rain to the region and has authorities in areas devastated by deadly fires and mudslides on alert. The heaviest rainfall near the massive burn scars in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties is expected Thursday evening and in the predawn hours Friday, said Curt Kaplan, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard. Flat areas could see an inch of rain, and two to three inches on ocean-facing mountain slopes is possible.

California Cities Sue State, Allege Secret Discussions Of Water Project

Over a dozen California cities, water agencies and environmentalists sued the state late Tuesday, alleging that state regulators have been secretly plotting and discussing a contentious $16 billion water project. The petitioners, led by Sacramento and San Joaquin counties, have uncovered public records that they claim prove that State Water Resources Board staffers discussed technical reviews and other documents regarding the California WaterFix with the project’s lead agencies.

Winter Storm Brings Heavy Rain, Snow To San Diego Region

A cold winter storm battered the San Diego region Tuesday, hitting the county with heavy rain and pouring snow in the mountain areas. The storm was active Tuesday morning, bringing with it widespread rain during the morning commute. The subsequent slick roads led to several crashes on San Diego’s freeways, with some involving big rigs. According to the California Highway Patrol, there were 156 vehicle collisions on San Diego roadways from midnight to 9:59 a.m. this morning. The CHP says there are about 140 crashes reported on what they would call a normal “good weather” day.

Freakish Warming Causes Arctic Temperatures To Rise Nearly 40 Degrees Above Normal

At this time of year, temperatures in the Arctic circle usually linger around the -22°F (-30°C) mark, with the region still cloaked in perpetual darkness. However, the region is experiencing one of the warmest Februarys on record, with temperatures for the area north of 80 degrees latitude currently averaging 17.6°F (-20°C)–more than 36°F (20°C) above normal, Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), told Reuters.