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Is The Dry Start To The Rainy Season Pushing California Reservoirs Back Toward A Drought?

After a series of powerful atmospheric rivers brought the wettest rainy season on record to Northern California, brimming reservoirs became a symbol of the state’s plentiful water reserves and the end of a five-year drought. Now that this year’s season has started with below average precipitation and the northern part of the state has seen  very little rain in December (only .02 inches in S.F. and .18 in Shasta County), you might be wondering how the reservoir water levels are looking.

OPINION: A Water Right For The Environment In California

California’s management of water is not working for anyone. Environmental advocates argue that state and federal regulators have set water-quality and flow standards that do not adequately protect fish and wildlife, and have not enforced these requirements when they are most needed. Farm and urban interests claim that these regulations have been ineffective and cause unnecessary economic harm. These water users may incur additional cutbacks in their water supplies if regulators conclude that more water is needed to support struggling fish populations, making planning for producers difficult.

Merle Aleshire Retires From VCMWD Board Of Directors

Long-time Valley Center Municipal Water District Director, Merle Aleshire, will retire after 20 years  from the water agency’s Board effective December 30, 2017. Representing Election Division 5 (covering the Meadows, Welk’s, Jesmond Dene), Aleshire joined the Board in December of 1997, filling the unexpired term of his predecessor.  He successfully stood for re-election in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, and 2014.  His current term expires at the end of 2018.

‘Reasonable Rates’ Is Stricken From CPUC Mission Statement

The California Public Utilities Commission has amended its long-standing mission statement, leaving out the idea of ensuring “reasonable rates” for the water and power used by the public. The change comes as state utility regulators have been under criminal investigation for potentially improper backchannel dealings with the utility companies they oversee and facing multiple lawsuits alleging they failed to protect the people they serve.

Quick-Hitting Storm Will Deliver Rain, Snow To Us

After weeks of dry fall weather, the Sacramento region is finally expected to receive a little relief from the heavens beginning Tuesday night. Up to a quarter-inch of rain is predicted throughout the Sacramento Valley along with a half-inch to an inch in Grass Valley, according to the National Weather Service. Mountain passes are expected to see 2 to 8 inches of snow, mostly in Wednesday morning’s early hours, and cold temperatures will help produce snow as low as 3,500 feet.

State Water Board Laying Out Water Regulation For Marijuana Growers

Is drought stricken California ready for the cannabis industry? The State Water Resources Control Board laid out their plan to potential marijuana growers on how they can get access to water. “People that do not have storage will need to get a small irrigation use registration which is also a new program we’re rolling out for cannabis,” said Daniel Schultz, Environmental Program Manager. A new wave of marijuana growers, also means an increase in water consumption.