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Multibillion-Dollar Water Measures Heading To State Ballot

With a five-year drought and then a winter of floods having exposed the limits of California’s vast network of reservoirs, dams and canals, voters are likely to have the chance next year to decide whether to pay for major upgrades to the state’s waterworks.  Two multibillion-dollar bonds are expected to go before voters that promise to boost water supplies, offer flood protection and restore rivers and streams. One measure, sponsored by the Legislature, also would fund new parks and hiking trails.

Rising Reservoirs: Less Room for Error This Winter on San Joaquin River

It was our saving grace: Last winter, a mostly empty New Melones Lake swallowed up torrents of water that otherwise would have had to be dumped into a lower watershed that already was flooding. Without all of that room at New Melones, the damage along the lower San Joaquin River and in the Delta could have been much worse.