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Two New Nembers for Tiny Water Board that Billed Customers for Legal Services

The tiny backcountry water district that billed one of its ratepayers the cost of the agency’s private attorney has installed two new board members. Steve Kincaid and Brian Lightbody were the only applicants for two Wynola Water District board vacancies announced earlier this year, said Tim Taschler, the former volunteer office manager who was elected to the panel in 2016.

OPINION: A Shrunken Delta Tunnels Project? Decision Time is Upon California

A new option has entered the discussion of Delta water supplies: one cross-Delta tunnel instead of two. For now, California’s WaterFix proposal, pushed by Gov. Jerry Brown, is for two tunnels under-crossing the Delta for 35 miles, allowing up to 60 percent of Delta water exports to come from the main channel of Sacramento River. Implementing such a major project requires extraordinary political and financial support that so far is lacking.

VIDEO: LA 90: Trump Administration Will Help with California Water Project

The Interior Department will continue to work with California on its $17 billion water project. An earlier statement saying the Trump administration didn’t support the project confused state officials. An official later clarified the department will continue to help with the project but not in its funding.

Researchers Find Link Between Media Attention To Drought and Household Water Savings

With increased drought coverage from newspapers, water conservation increased in the San Francisco Bay Area during the drought that ended in 2016. That’s according to a new study from Stanford researchers that links real water consumption data with the public attention garnered by California’s recent droughts.


Facing Rollbacks, California Must Protect Drinking Water, Wetlands

Californians strongly support action by state and federal agencies to ensure that the water in our streams and the water we drink are free of dangerous contaminants, and that our precious wetlands are preserved. Unfortunately, the Trump administration and Congress propose to weaken federal Clean Water Act protections for those essential resources. But California regulatory agencies needn’t and shouldn’t wait for this federal rollback. They should instead take action proactively to use state law to ensure clean water and wetlands protections for all Californians.

Sweetwater Authority Receives $276,060 in Grant Funding for Clean Energy Project

Chula Vista, Calif. – At its October 25 Board Meeting, Sweetwater Authority’s (Authority) Governing Board received a $276,060 check from the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) for its hydroelectric generation project at the Robert A. Perdue Water Treatment Plant (Perdue Plant). The Authority contracted with NLine Energy for the development of the project. NLine Energy designed the project and secured up to $552,120 for the Authority in grant funding through the state’s Self-Generation Incentive Program, which is administered by the CSE.

The first installment of the grant ($276,060) was awarded to the Authority upon completion of construction. Additional installments totaling up to an additional $276,060 will be received annually over the next five years based on the amount of power generated.