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OPINION: Preparing For The Next Drought…New Proposal To Boost Water Supplies Gains Traction

AB 1180 (Holden) – pending in Sacramento will open the door for voters in Los Angeles County to consider a ballot measure proposal that will better prepare Southern California for the next drought and the impact of climate change on our supply of water. This proposal will boost water supplies and advance compliance with clean water regulations.  Importantly, the proposal is also cost-effective, given its regional scope.

California Bond Proposal Includes $200 Million for the Salton Sea

Earlier this month, a proposed bond measure in the California Legislature had included $280 million to pay for building thousands of acres of ponds, wetlands and other dust-control projects around the Salton Sea. This week, after negotiations among lawmakers, the amount earmarked for the Salton Sea was slashed to $200 million.

San Diego Quake Could Kill 2,000, Inflict $40B In Property Damage

San Diego’s Rose Canyon fault is capable of producing a magnitude 6.9 earthquake that could kill 2,000 people and inflict $40 billion in property damage, according to a preliminary study sponsored by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. The EERI team also says in the study to be made public on Wednesday that the quake could cause an offshore canyon to collapse, producing a tsunami that would swamp the Silver Strand and send waves surging into San Diego Bay.

The San Diego-Metropolitan Feud Helped Launch An Ethics Office, And Now It May Bring It Down

In 1999, the state Legislature made the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California create an ethics office. Metropolitan, the main supplier of San Diego’s water, had just been caught up in an ethically questionable public relations campaign aimed at blocking the San Diego County Water Authority from buying water from someone else. Now, that ethics office – rather than mediating the long-running feud between the Water Authority and Metropolitan – has become another tool in the fight.

Embattled Ethics Watchdog to Step Down Amid Turmoil at Water Agency

The Metropolitan Water District’s embattled ethics watchdog announced her resignation Tuesday amid a monthslong internal struggle over her office and its investigations. Ethics officer Deena Ghaly informed the MWD of her decision hours before the agency’s 38-member board was scheduled to evaluate her performance. Ghaly, whose office is the subject of an ongoing outside review, said it had become “impossible” for her to carry out her duties of creating, administering and enforcing ethics rules.