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Documentary On Man’s 116-Mile Walk Around Salton Sea To Be Screened At Oceanside Film Fest

Randy Brown became the first person to hike the 116-mile perimeter of the Salton Sea in June 2015. Now Brown’s hike, which he completed during 105 to 110-degree weather, and the problems the sea is facing are the subject of a documentary that is set to debut at the Oceanside Film Festival on Monday.The Salton Sea is California’s largest lake. The sea, which is located in both Imperial and Riverside counties, is shrinking and thus exposing the lakebed that turns into dust when the wind blows.

Governor’s Delta Tunnels Opposed By 3 Million-Member Group

Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC), a non-profit organization serving the boating community, has come out in opposition to the massive Delta water tunnels project pushed by the governor. The massive construction project could seriously impact boaters’ access to the Delta for years to come, RBOC says. “RBOC has, for decades, been at the forefront of opposing proposals that would impair the ability of boaters to access to the 1,000 miles of waterways in the Delta,” says Peter Robertson, president of the 3 million member organization. “We successfully opposed permanent barriers that would have blocked navigation to popular Delta destinations.”

BLOG: California’s Biggest Drought Success Story Came With A High Cost

When her well went dry in 2014, Yolanda Serrato had just begun the fight of her life against breast cancer. Her world had already been turned upside down – then it went sideways. Through chemotherapy and radiation, she often carried buckets of water from a 300-gallon tank outside so she could cook food for her family. She heated water on the stove for sponge baths. She even needed a bucket of water to use the toilet.

OPINION: Legislature, Don’t Mess With California’s Water Umpire

As California water becomes an increasingly precious and contentious resource, the state needs an umpire with the power to enforce laws against illegal diversions and protect the rights of the public and others with enforceable claims to state water. That decisionmaker must be both muscular and fair. There is indeed such a water umpire in California.