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BLOG: California Is Poised For Big Gains In Recycled Water Use

The state’s recently released survey about California’s use of recycled water was disappointing for recycled water use advocates, but it doesn’t tell the full story. The survey, by the State Water Resources Control Board and Department of Water Resources, found that recycled water use has increased by 44,500 acre-feet since 2009. California used 713,653 acre-feet of recycled water in 2015. While we had hoped for greater gains, progress and opportunities abound. Recycled water use is poised to provide over a million acre-feet of water to augment local drinking water supplies in addition to continuing to reduce potable water use for irrigation and industrial applications.

The Water Treatment Demonstration Facility In CA To Be World’s Largest

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has stepped towards the potential advancement of what might be one of the world’s biggest water reusing programs. The area’s Board of Directors voted on Tuesday, July 11 to grant a $13.9 million contract for the development of a propelled water treatment exhibit facility that will take treated wastewater and cleanse it through different propelled procedures to deliver a protected, top notch water source to renew the district’s groundwater.

California Drought: Water District Looking to Buy Land to Construct Largest Bay Area Reservoir in 20 Years

In a significant step toward construction of the Bay Area’s first major new reservoir in nearly two decades, Silicon Valley’s largest water provider has begun negotiations to buy more than 12,000 acres of rural ranch land — an area nearly half the size of San Francisco. The Santa Clara Valley Water District is hoping to build an $800 million reservoir in southern Santa Clara County near Pacheco Pass, along with a dam up to 300 feet high. The reservoir would hold 130,000 acre-feet of water — enough to meet the water needs of 650,000 people for a year.

Kevin McCarthy Ignores Key Facts in Claim on California Water Storage

One of the biggest backers for building new dams and reservoirs in California is House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield. The Republican, who’s been described as the most powerful Californian in Washington D.C., recently spoke on the House floor in favor of a bill to speed up studies on five water storage projects in the state. “Water is not optional. Not in my district. Not in California. Not anywhere,” McCarthy told his colleagues. “But over the past five years my constituents have struggled to survive without life-giving water in the face of a catastrophic drought.”

OPINION: The WaterFix Twin Tunnel Plan for the Delta is Needed to Secure Our Water Supply

In Santa Clara County, 40 percent of the water we need for our families, businesses and to grow our local food comes from the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta. But the infrastructure that delivers this water is aging, at risk of collapse and subject to continual supply cutbacks due to the deteriorating condition of the Delta. Without upgrades to improve our water delivery infrastructure and to better protect the Delta environment, our region’s water supply is at risk.