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What’s Next In The Delta Tunnels Fight?

What’s next for the opponents of the governor’s proposed Delta water tunnels? Some people think the passing grade from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service findings that there would be “no jeopardy” in the project’s biological opinion for species was a huge setback. This finding is a major green light leading to the beginning of construction of the highly controversial three story high 40’ diameter twin tunnels that would go 150 feet underground for 35 miles from Hood to Tracy to drain much of the Sacramento River before it could flow into the California Delta.

BLOG: As Gov. Jerry Brown Nears Retirement, His Two Big Public Works Projects Remain Iffy

The water tunnels would more or less complete the state water system that was the most visible accomplishment of Brown’s father and gubernatorial predecessor, Pat Brown. The tunnels got a boost last week when two federal wildlife agencies concluded that they wouldn’t worsen the Delta’s already damage habitat. However that’s just one of the many regulatory hurdles for WaterFix, as it’s officially dubbed, the most important being an incredibly complex evaluation by the state Water Resources Control Board of its impacts.