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Controversial California Water Project Has New Life In Trump Era

Cadiz Inc., which for decades has sought the federal government’s green light to pump groundwater from the Mojave Desert and pipe it to Southern California, has seen the project’s prospects brighten under the Trump administration. In April, a potential backer of the project was nominated by President Donald Trump to a high-ranking Interior Department post. In late March, the department’s Bureau of Land Management rescinded two legal directives the Obama administration used in a 2015 decision to block Cadiz from building the 43-mile pipeline.

‘Lethal Arrogance’? Oroville Dam Crisis Sprang From Pat Brown’s Towering Ambition

America’s tallest dam was built from earth, stone and concrete – and the towering ambition of Gov. Pat Brown. Sixty years before a crisis at Oroville Dam sent thousands fleeing for their lives in February, the late governor brought an almost evangelical zeal to erecting the structure that would hold back the Feather River to deliver water to the parched southern half of the state. Hundreds of pages of state archives, oral history interviews and other documents reveal a portrait of a man hell-bent on building Oroville and the rest of the State Water Project.

How They Voted, May 14

The Carlsbad City Council met in closed session Tuesday to discuss litigation. In open session, the council held a hearing and approved a plan to demolish three office/commercial buildings and build 33 residential condos on three floors at 800 Grand Ave. A resolution to start the process for by-district council elections was approved 3-2. The council discussed transparency in how it appoints people to the Historic Preservation and the Planning commissions, which differs from the way appointments are made to other boards and commissions. The council agreed to add information explaining the process to applicants.