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Court Wary of Earlier Water Authority Win

On Wednesday, a state appeals court expressed skepticism about a San Diego County Water Authority’s court victory over the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. At stake is up to $7.4 billion in San Diego ratepayer money. The Water Authority’s earlier victory is “in jeopardy,” according to the Daily Journal. Last year, a San Francisco judge handed the Water Authority a major win by ruling that Metropolitan, which supplies most of San Diego’s water, had been overcharging the Water Authority to deliver some water from the Colorado River. The two water agencies are locked in a series of expensive and high-stakes legal and political battles.

Delta Levees Still At Risk From Water-Heavy Snowpack

While the levees in the Delta are currently holding, heavy rains accompanied by increased temperatures in the spring and early summer could cause further damage. Over the winter, there were numerous levee breaks and breaches throughout the system. This year’s record-breaking precipitation levels have caused millions of dollars in damages in the lower basins of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley and Delta.

State Officials Get Slammed For The Oroville Dam Spillway Failure At Sacramento Hearing

The California Department of Water Resources came under blistering criticism at a hearing Thursday in the Legislature for its management of the Oroville Dam, three months after nearby residents were evacuated out of concerns about possible flooding. State dam officials reminded the critics that no one had died and that people’s property had been protected even as water that was released during a historic storm in February virtually washed away the dam’s 3,000-foot spillway.