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Editorial: DWR Should Quit Trying To downplay Dam Disaster

“The emergency spillway worked.” That, the latest tone-deaf utterance from the leader of the state Department of Water Resources, is the type of comment we’ve come to dreadfully expect from the Department of Denial. To hear that remark at a legislative hearing in Sacramento only compounded the shock. The Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee was the first to get to ask questions about the Oroville spillway fiasco, nearly three months after the structure started falling apart and the hill got forever scarred.


How They Voted, April 30

The Escondido City Council met in closed session Wednesday to discuss litigation and labor and property negotiations. In open session, the council agreed to have the Planning Commission form a subcommittee to craft the Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance; and amended the city’s Bicycle Master Plan to include cycle tracks. The council also adopted a resolution supporting the San Diego County Water Authority’s long-term water supply plan and lawsuit against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.