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USGS Finds Vast Reserves of Salty Water Underground

A new nationwide study has unearthed the huge hidden potential of tapping into salty aquifers as a way to relieve the growing pressure on freshwater supplies across the United States. Digging into data from the country’s 60 major aquifers, the U.S. Geological Survey reports that the amount of brackish – or slightly salty – groundwater is more than 35 times the amount of fresh groundwater used in the United States each year.

OPINION: Local Control A Key Element In Water Use Efficiency

While California is breathing a sigh of relief and rightfully celebrating an epic water year, efforts in Sacramento threaten to make seismic changes in the way our water has been managed in the Coachella Valley and across the state. Last week, the governor released a report outlining steps for long-term water conservation by residential and business water users. The Coachella Valley Water District worked alongside state agencies to provide input into that framework – we wanted to ensure that the unique circumstances of our community were reflected in the proposed legislation.