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San Diego Unified Begins Testing Water for Lead

Testing for lead in water systems at San Diego Unified School District campuses began Monday, according to district officials. The testing program comes a couple of months after elevated levels of lead, copper and bacteria were discovered at three campuses in the San Ysidro School District. Testing previously took place at Emerson-Bandini Elementary School in Southcrest after a nurse saw a therapy dog reluctant to drink the water — which turned out to contain a variety of contaminants, including lead, according to multiple news reports.

Series Of Storms Expected To Hit California By End Of The Week

The National Weather Service says a series of storms is supposed to hit California from Thursday through Saturday. Cindy Mathews is with the weather service. She says this will not be a repeat of the rain and runoff that we had in early February. “The term ‘atmospheric river’ is being applied to this weekend’s storm, but it is not one of the extreme ones,” says Mathews. “Snow levels will start out at pass levels and fall to below 5,000 feet by Saturday. So, it’s a moderate-type atmospheric river.” She also says a second storm could arrive Tuesday.


Overly Enthusiastic Visitors Trample Wildflowers, Leading To Trail Closure

It was just before noon on a recent Sunday morning and a line had formed for the port-a-potties near the Wildflower Trail at Diamond Valley Lake in Riverside County. Cars were backed up around a bend in the road, and frustrated people resorted to parking two miles away and walking in.

They had come to see the “super bloom,” of wildflowers that have sprung up around the trails snaking around this drinking water reservoir. People are excited to take pictures of the flowers and themselves among the flowers, and many areas have been trampled.

Deep Snowpack Could Ease California Water Restrictions

Three years after Democratic Governor Jerry Brown stood on a dry, brown mountainside and declared a drought emergency, state water scientists trekked to the same spot near Sacramento on Thursday to measure nearly four feet of snow – about twice as much as is normal for March and April at that location.  “California enters the snowmelt season with a large snowpack that will result in high water in many rivers through the spring,” State Climatologist Michael Anderson said in a statement.