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Pumping Out The Inland Sea – Delta Exports In A Time Of Plenty

This is northern California’s wettest year of record, so far.  The Yolo Bypass has been flooded for most of this wet season, and is still flowing.  Are Delta water exports going to exceed the previous record exports from 2011 (6.5 maf)?  The figure above compares this year’s Delta water exports compare with other years before and after the 2007 Wanger Decision, and the drought years (2012-2016). So far, the State Water Project and Central Valley Project together have pumped a little less than in 2011, 2006 (another wet year), or 2007. They are all pretty close (with most of these highest-export water years falling after CVPIA and Endangered species restrictions on Delta pumping).

Poway Officials Urge Residents to Remain Cognizant Despite Eased Water Use Rules

Just because those on the Poway City Council recently eased local water restrictions doesn’t mean residents shouldn’t be mindful of their H20 use, officials said. “(It) isn’t an invitation to turn our backs on lessens learned during the drought,” a March 23 post on the community’s Facebook page said. “Learn what the current ‘Water Shortage Watch’ means and why you still need to turn off your sprinklers when it rains.” The message is in reference to a Poway City Council-adopted resolution earlier this month that lets up on outdoor watering restrictions for local customers.