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San Diego Faces Up To 6 Straight Days Of Rain

A powerful series of storms is expected to hit San Diego County from Thursday until Tuesday, dropping 2’’ to 4’’ of precipitation along the coast in the rainiest period the region has experienced since late 2010. Valleys could get up to 5’’, and the slopes of some mountains could record 10’’, says the National Weather Service. Desert areas will get 1’’ to 3’’, and up to 1’ of snow could fall on the county’s tallest peaks. Forecasters say the storms will cycle shore from the western Pacific and could produce flash flooding across the county.

OPINION: Drought, Storms Prove California Desperately Needs More Water Storage

After a half-decade of drought, California has been buffeted this winter by a series of powerful rain and snowstorms that dumped countless gallons of water on the state’s watersheds. Some of the deluge was captured in the form of mountain snows that will feed rivers and streams during the annual spring melt. But at lower elevations, it was rain, some retained in man-made reservoirs that had been seriously depleted, but most flowing swiftly to the Pacific Ocean.

San Vicente Reservoir Considers Hydroelectric Project Might Take Ten Years, But Demand For Clean Juice Won’t Wane

As the world gradually shifts its energy focus to renewable sources such as solar and wind, utilities are faced with a demand for secondary sources — those that are available when the sun isn’t shining or the wind doesn’t blow. One option is so-called “peaker plants,” traditional power plants fired by natural gas that operate only during periods of peak demand. Like other gas plants, efforts to install them have drawn heavy criticism from nearby residents and the environmentally minded in general.