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Fall Snow, Rains Have ‘Satisfied The Drought Debt’ In Northern Sierra Nevada, Climatologist Says

At Heavenly Ski Resort, thousands of feet up in the northern Sierra Nevada, the heavy snowfall around Lake Tahoe forced the lodge to close its small roller coaster due to poor visibility this week. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, concerns over dry conditions were quickly dispatched when more than two feet of snow dropped around the lake in just two days. Now, if past weather patterns are fulfilled this year, experts say, Northern California’s winter — and long-term relief from years of drought — could be just around the corner for the state’s most important watershed.


BLOG: What California Can Learn From Canada About Water Technology

Californians hear a lot about the lessons they can learn from other areas that have coped with water scarcity, like Israel’s development of desalination or how Australia handled its Millennial Drought, which lasted more than a decade. But not all water issues come down to scarcity. And that’s why looking north to Canada could also provide some inspiration when it comes to technologies to treat water (and ways to save energy in the process), tools for finding and fixing leaks, faster processes for testing water and software for analyzing important water data.

OPINION: A Grand Compromise For The Delta Outlined

Conflict over water allocations from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is the most intractable water management problem in California.The sources of contention are many, but three interrelated issues dominate the debate: whether to build two tunnels that divert water from the Sacramento River, how much water to allocate to endangered fish species, and what to do about the 1,100 miles of Delta levees that are essential to the local economy. All of these issues need to be addressed to reduce unproductive conflict and litigation and resolve our water problems.


OMWD Completes Recycled Water Project

The Olivenhain Municipal Water District recently completed the installation of miles of recycled water pipelines in the Village Park community, and Flora Vista Elementary is the project’s first beneficiary. The project, which began last April, included the conversion of a million-gallon water storage tank near Via Cantebria from drinking water to recycled water and the completion of a pump station that propelled the water to newly installed purple pipelines throughout Village Park.

OPINION: Cook: Orange County Water District Should Distance Itself from the Cadiz Water Project

I am opposed to the Orange County Water District entering into a non-binding water purchase agreement with Cadiz Inc. as it is yet another water scheme that is both economically and environmentally flawed. Even though the amount of water being proposed for purchase by OCWD is trivial, less than 1% of its demand, it would consume far more than 1% of staff time, and divert attention away from worthy projects like the Groundwater Replenishment System expansion. If you are not familiar with Cadiz, it is no surprise.

SDCWA Approves Grant Application For Anza Baseline Groundwater Basin Study

The November 2014 election included the passage of Proposition 1, whose allocations included $510 million to the state Department of Water Resources to support projects included in Integrated Regional Water Management programs approved by DWR. Proposition 1 also stipulated 12 IRWM funding areas which are based on hydrologic areas rather than county boundaries. The San Diego County Water Authority coordinates grant applications for the San Diego Funding Area which includes the Upper Santa Margarita Planning Region and the South Orange County Planning Region as well as the San Diego Planning Region.