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OPINION: Building The Future Of Water And Energy In California

California is growing. Our population growth remains steady, as more people want to live and work here each year. And our economy continues to expand at a rate that would be the envy of many states in our nation, not to mention nations around the world. That growth comes with responsibilities, including the important task of ensuring the people of our state can continue to rely on the water and energy supplies and services that utilities in California provide. Water and energy utilities have long shared a symbiotic connection: the “Water-Energy Nexus.”

Water and Wastewater Rates Approved, Farmers and Seniors Oppose Charges

Not to the surprise of residents, the City Council said yes to water and wastewater rate increases on Nov. 14. While another year of increases to pay for bought water, pass-through charges, city infrastructure and expansion of local water sources was expected, farmers and seniors asked the city to take another look at their rates. Farmers asked the city to reconsider water rates that make it difficult to maintain farms. They said they have done as much as they can to lower bought water use and use wells, and need a hand.