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Would San Diego County Benefit From A Water Budget?

California may be going into its sixth year of drought and while many residents have been conscious of their water usage, it might not be enough.The state could be rolling out a first ever permanent water budget, which would be on a district to district basis. Jeff Stephenson from the San Diego County Water Authority joined KUSI with more.

Weather Service: Lake Tahoe Rose Three Plus Inches In Storms

A series of storms that ripped through the region last weekend did more than coat the Sierra Nevada with a thin layer of snow. They also sent an estimated 11 billion gallons of water into Lake Tahoe, according to a Facebook post Tuesday from the National Weather Service in Reno. That’s enough water to raise the lake level by more than three inches, according to the weather service. “For reference, that’s roughly equivalent to the average total consumptive water use in a year from the Truckee River by the Truckee Meadows Water Authority,” the weather service reported.

Megadrought 99 Percent Certain For Southwest By 2050 If Temperature Rise Continues, Study Says

Tree rings in the American Southwest provide evidence of megadroughts that hit the region hundreds of years ago. According to a new study from Cornell University, these droughts have been linked to the demise of civilizations, and changing climate conditions virtually assure that another one is on its way. If precipitation decreases, stays them same, or even increases slightly in the coming years, there’s a 99 percent chance of a megadrought hitting the region, the study says.

BLOG: Meet the Minds: Deborah Bloome on Utilizing Local Water Resources

 Los Angeles-based nonprofit TreePeople made headlines last year with a plan to retrofit half a dozen pilot homes with tanks and rain gardens. Today, all the rainwater capture systems have been installed and they highlight how homeowners can be part of the solution to some of California’s water problems. As the organization prepares insights on how the pilot program can be expanded, Water Deeply spoke to TreePeople’s senior policy director, Deborah Weinstein Bloome.

OPINION: How Water Desalination Could Save The Salton Sea

To the editor: Water desalinization is the solution to both saving the Salton Sea and providing water for crop irrigation in the Imperial and San Joaquin valleys. (“Where’s the money and the plan that will save the Salton Sea?” Opinion, Oct. 16) A pumping station built in San Felipe in Baja California would pump water from the Sea of Cortez into the Salton Sea. A desalination plant built in the Salton Sea would provide treated water to Imperial Valley farms for irrigation and consumption.

La Niña May Be Back This Winter

Forecasts are already showing a possibility of La Niña in our future, with the Climate Prediction Center for the National Weather Service rating our chances at about 70 percent. The system is predicted to be weak and short-lived, possibly arriving early next month. La Niña is not expected to make it through the winter, and forecasters gave it about a 55 percent chance of it lasting past December. Why the uncertainty? La Niña depends on different factors, including ocean water temperature along the central Pacific.

Google Can Solve California’s Drought Problem With ‘Rain-Catcher’ Boats?

With a few inches of much-needed rain having fallen over the weekend around the Bay Area, it’s yet to be seen whether the region will see a return this winter — or the next, or the next — to sustaining precipitation levels. And indeed, climate change and human water use spread the risk of catastrophic drought over much of the world. Who can save us? Possibly Google.


San Diego County Water Authority Wins Sustainable Water Utility Management Award

The San Diego County Water Authority was awarded a top national award from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) for its commitment to improving the region’s water supply reliability in a manner that balances economic, social and environmental needs. AMWA honored the Water Authority with its Sustainable Water Utility Management Award at the organization’s national 2016 Executive Management Conference, held in Scottsdale, Ariz. The association praised the Water Authority for its track record of consistently executing programs, projects and policies that responsibly and effectively meet the long-term water needs of the communities it serves.