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OPINION: Who Will Go Extinct First, Salmon or Valley Farmers?

Here, on the front lines of the state’s recently declared water war, we have more questions than ammunition.Is the State Water Resources Control Board serious? Is the water board even in charge? Was Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for “voluntary agreements,” instead of regulatory demands, a suggestion or an order? Who will go extinct first – salmon or farmers? OK, that’s a rhetorical question; salmon have a huge head start. But the race isn’t over.

Why October is California’s Most Dangerous Month For Wildfires

Every October in California, leaves and temperatures fall, pumpkins dot the fields and college football season takes stride. But despite the trappings of autumn, October is California’s most dangerous month for wildfires, posing a deadly mixture of heavy seasonal winds, unpredictable weather patterns and bone dry vegetation. If history is a guide, the Loma fire, which began burning through a remote corner of the Santa Cruz Mountains on Sept. 25, may not be the end of the Bay Area’s fire threats for the year. It may just be the beginning.

Why Lakes In The San Bernardino Mountains Are Shrinking

There was a blue heron a few yards away from the Big Bear Marina. Mallards played in the water near the marina’s office. “This is pretty sad looking,” said Scott Ruppel, 60, as he sat in front of the marina office on a recent weekday morning. A frequent lake visitor, Ruppel, a Barstow resident, talked about the grass and other plant life — some green, some not — growing on land once covered by a 3,000 acre lake. The lake is now more like 2,200 acres, meaning 800 acres are exposed, according to Mike Stephenson, general manager of the Big Bear Municipal Water District.


San Diego Region Closes Water Year With Supplies for 2017, Beyond: County Water Authority

The San Diego County Water Authority reiterated Friday that the region has sufficient supply to meet expected demand next year and beyond, but efficient water use by customers remains essential.The agency, which distributes water to 24 cities and water districts in the county, previously stated in filings with state water authorities that there would be enough supply for the next three years, even if they were dry. The status was confirmed at a media briefing Friday, one day before the traditional start of the water year.

Risk Of Big Earthquake on San Andreas Fault Rises After Quake Swarm at Salton Sea

The rumbling started Monday morning deep under the Salton Sea. A rapid succession of small earthquakes — three measuring above magnitude 4.0 — began rupturing near Bombay Beach, continuing for more than 24 hours. Before the swarm started to fade, more than 200 earthquakes had been recorded. The temblors were not felt over a very large area, but they have garnered intense interest — and concern — among seismologists. It marked only the third time since earthquake sensors were installed there in 1932 that the area had seen such a swarm, and this one had more earthquakes than the events of 2001 and 2009.