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Senate Sends Two Wolk Resource Measures to Governor

The California Senate voted Wednesday to send two natural resources measures by Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature. Senate Bill 1340 closes a loophole in state law enabling large new landscaping projects for existing homes and businesses to avoid state and local water-efficiency requirements. “About half of California’s urban water use, equivalent to 4.2 million acre-feet per year, is outdoors, largely for watering landscapes,” Wolk said. “Large or significantly expanded owner-initiated landscape irrigation projects, which are common in California, should not be exempt from local community ordinances intended to improve the efficiency of outdoor water use.

Blending Wastewater May Help California Cope With Drought

Recycled wastewater is increasingly touted as part of the solution to California’s water woes, particularly for agricultural use, as the state’s historic drought continues. The cost of treating wastewater to meet state health standards for reuse and to reduce salt levels that damage crops presents a new set of challenges, however.