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Complications of ‘New’ Deep Groundwater

Californians living through a fifth year of historic drought received what seemed like a bit of good news last month: Researchers at Stanford found significantly larger-than-expected groundwater supplies 1,000 to 3,500ft (300 to 1,000m) below the state’s surface, in a first ever assessment of water supplies in California’s deep underground aquifers.

Updated estimates of our precious groundwater supplies are much-needed progress, as some estimates date back to 1989, but it’s critically important to approach these findings with a 21st-century mindset.

A True Water Emergency Threatens the Delta

California decision makers are at a historic crossroads in the long-standing California water crisis. The outcome will permanently alter the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta. Your voice can steer these decisions in the right direction and now is the time to speak up.

On July 26, 2016, the State Water Resources Control Board will begin a series of hearings that will help determine whether the governor’s proposed twin tunnels project will continue to move forward.


Pumped Up: Renewables Growth Revives Old Energy-Storage Method

Forget about Tesla Motors Inc.’s batteries: The hottest way to store energy in the electricity business today is a century-old technology that involves moving water to stash power.

Known as pumped storage, the giant facilities push large volumes of water uphill when there is surplus electricity, and then let gravity move it back down through turbines to generate hydroelectric power when extra kilowatts are needed.

OPINION: The Rise of Diamond Valley Lake

Diamond Valley Lake returned to its postcard-worthy splendor after Metropolitan Water District pumped in nearly 52 billion gallons of water since spring.

Islands that appeared when water was low are now submerged. Steep, exposed banks are less severe. Mud flats that were between the lake’s edge and its usual shoreline are flooded. The reservoir, where fishing is acclaimed but swimming is forbidden, looks a lot better.