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OPINION: Tunnel Vision a Mirage to Water Woes

As a Delta farmer managing my family’s farming operation so it can be here for the next generation I am infuriated by what I see about the Delta water issues.An editorial by Jerry Meral of the Natural Heritage Institute has started appearing in local papers. This name may sound familiar if you follow Delta water issues. Meral was the leading tunnel advocate (T.A.) for Gov. Brown, also known as Gov. Tunnel Vision (T.V.), when he went to work for him in Sacramento.


How Long Can Droughts Last? Trees May Have the Answer

If trees could talk about the weather, Dave Meko would be out of a job.

Meko, a professor from the University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree Ring Research, has made a career out of interpreting stories about rainfall, stream flows, climate patterns and most importantly, droughts silently hidden within California’s ancient pine trees.