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OPINION: California Assembly Candidate Jordan Cunningham’s Plan is Water Tight

Water is vital to our agricultural industry here on the Central Coast, and I believe state Assembly candidate Jordan Cunningham is willing to fight for it.

I have spoken at length with Jordan, who is fully engaged in making sure that our Proposition 1 water bond is spent wisely and responsibly. The bond will help prepare California for future droughts by providing better infrastructure for storing water, protecting watersheds, creating water recycling programs and more. But it will only do this if it is spent wisely. I am trusting Jordan to make sure this money is spent the way voters intended.

BLOG: The Key to Saving California’s Groundwater

For years California was behind the curve on managing groundwater, with dire results. There are now 21 groundwater basins or subbasins in the state that are critically overdrafted. Help may be on the way, though. The state took action in 2014 with the passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). The legislation will take decades to fully implement, but if done well, would provide a crucial framework for managing one of the state’s most important water resources.


Fight Over California Drought Heats up in Congress

Efforts in Congress are heating up to bring some relief to California’s historic drought, just as the dry summer season is starting.

The Golden State is in its fifth year facing exceptional drought conditions. And while its congressional delegation is eager to find ways to better save water, and redirect it where needed, longstanding partisan and regional fights that fueled water wars since before California was a state are paralyzing efforts to help.