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OPINION: Twin Tunnels Threaten San Francisco Bay

Should local salmon be pushed to extinction? Should some Bay Area residents pay much higher water bills? Should San Francisco Bay be contaminated with toxic pollutants?

My guess is that Bay Area residents would answer these questions with a resounding “no,” but these scenarios will become reality if the two 30-mile water tunnels proposed by Governor Jerry Brown are built.The tunnels have a new name since they were first proposed in  in 2012: the California Water Fix.

VIDEO: Water Conservation Tips

The San Diego County Water Authority is offering a Free Program called “Watersmart Landscape Makeover Program”.  Listen in as Sharon Lowe, SDCWA, demonstrates some of the easy steps to convert you yard to drought friendly, using native plants and even how to make your own compost.

California Drought: Water Allocation Has Winners, Losers

In the latest sign of California’s improving drought picture, federal officials announced Friday that cities will receive 55 percent of their contracted water amounts this summer — up from 25 percent last year — from the Central Valley Project, California’s largest water delivery system.

Heavy rains in March boosted the amount of water in Northern California’s large reservoirs such as Shasta and Folsom, allowing farmers in the Sacramento Valley and wildlife refuges to receive 100 percent of their contracted amounts, while the Contra Costa Water District also will receive 100 percent, up from 25 percent a year ago.

Farmers Howl as Feds Unveil Central Valley Water Deliveries

The Bureau of Reclamation today announced wildly differing amounts of water that drought-strapped farmers in the California delta can expect from federal pumps this year.

Get ready for another summer of SoCal drought

All of this means drought conditions will continue clobbering Southern California for the time being. That’s bad news for farmers like Chris Sayer of Petty Ranch in Ventura County. He grows citrus and avocado trees. Lately, the leaves on some plants have started going brown.

“A lot of these leaves look really stressed, you can see how the tips of them are all dried out,” Sayer explained as he walked past an avocado grove.


OPINION: California’s Most Pressing Need: Water

As if we needed more proof, the Sierra snow survey last week made clear that Californians must continue to conserve water while working to build a more reliable water system.

The snowpack is roughly normal in Northern California. But the situation is worse in Southern California, where El Niño was a bust, delivering half of normal rainfall.

Not All Appreciated Big Net Cast for Records

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California made the argument that the district’s email servers are often used for personal business, and are therefore the realm of private communications.

Even though the U-T asked only for official emails on government accounts, the district claimed emails sent by a government employee on an official account saying “what a disaster” would not be relevant to government activities.