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California Governor Brown Pushes Big Water Project Amid Drought

California Governor Jerry Brown warned on Thursday of near-apocalyptic water shortages if his $15 billion plan to divert water from a Northern California River for use elsewhere gets bogged down in political and environmental disputes.


The plan to remove water north of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the fragile source of much of the state’s drinking water, is opposed by many environmentalists, but Brown insisted it was crucial in shoring up water supplies in the drought-plagued state.

Californians Most Concerned About Water, the Drought and State’s Economy, New Stanford Poll Shows

As California begins a new year and a hectic legislative session in Sacramento, a new Golden State Poll conducted by the Stanford University-based Hoover Institution finds California’s voters most concerned with the ongoing drought and the state’s economic recovery.


“California’s electorate is, in a word, adult,” said Hoover Institution research fellow Bill Whalen, who follows California politics and policy. “Despite the distractions of an election year and surplus revenue to spend in Sacramento, it expects lawmakers to act responsibly and sensibly.”

VIDEO: Brown Releases Update to His Plan for California’s Water

Gov. Jerry Brown released an update to his plan Thursday for how to manage California’s water. The update includes pushing ahead with more dams, reservoirs and a pair of tunnels underneath the Delta.

Jerry Brown Calls Delta Water Project ‘Fundamental Necessity’

Facing uncertain financing and a ballot measure threatening his $15.5 billion Delta water plan, Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday called the project a “fundamental necessity” and said he is confident “we’ll get it done.”


Brown’s remarks, following a speech to water officials in Sacramento, came as the fourth-term governor tries to secure federal approvals and funding from water users for his plan to build two tunnels to divert water under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the south.