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How-To Guru: Surviving El Nino

This is it folks. This year’s Monster El Niño has finally hit! The incessant ringing of flash flood and tornado warnings on everyone’s phones are causing panic and chaos all over Southern California. Branches are falling, bugs are drowning, fire alarms are ringing and umbrellas are being torn to shreds. San Diegans are wondering why they never invested in a good pair of rain boots. People going out to buy their first umbrella in years are wondering why this never occurred to them before. UCSD students are shaking their fists at professors who refuse to cancel class even as inches of water cascades down the lecture hall stairs. As you cower under your comforters this week debating whether or not going to class will kill you, here are some tips on how to survive this year’s onslaught of water from above.

OPINION: Yes, We Can Have Floods and a Drought

Tuesday the state Water Resources Control Board reported the state had again failed to meet its water conservation goals in November. The same day, record rainfall was recorded at Los Angeles International Airport.


Missing the water saving goal is a bad thing, but the water board was conciliatory, as it has shown it is inclined to be. It emphasized that cumulatively from June to November, we were on track to hit the governor’s 25 percent water use reduction.