Rainbow, FPUD, Camp Pendleton Shares of CWA Vote Entitlement to Decline

The weighted vote entitlements for San Diego County Water Authority agencies at 2018 San Diego County Water Authority meetings were approved by the CWA board Dec. 7, and the shares for the Rainbow Municipal Water District, the Fallbrook Public Utility District, and Camp Pendleton will all be less than those agencies’ 2017 weighted vote. Rainbow’s share will decrease from 4.04 percent to 4.00 percent. The FPUD weighted vote was 2.35 percent for 2017 meetings and will be 2.32 percent during 2018. Camp Pendleton had a share of 0.10 percent of the weighted vote in both 2016 and 2017 and will account for 0.09 percent of the 2018 vote total.