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The latest news and analysis covering water issues in the San Diego County region and Southern California.

How an Anonymous Blogger Stands Out On California Water Policy

On a Thursday in February four years ago, the self-described “low-level civil servant” who produces, an anonymous blog about California water, posted an existential lament about life amid the policy wonks.   “Sometimes I wonder what terrible thing I did wrong in a previous lifetime that I must now spend so much of my […]

How-To Guru: Surviving El Nino

This is it folks. This year’s Monster El Niño has finally hit! The incessant ringing of flash flood and tornado warnings on everyone’s phones are causing panic and chaos all over Southern California. Branches are falling, bugs are drowning, fire alarms are ringing and umbrellas are being torn to shreds. San Diegans are wondering why […]

Water Saving Goals Still In Effect

Q: With all the rain we’ve received recently, we’ve turned off our irrigation system. What else can we do to conserve during winter?   A: You’re off to a great start by turning off sprinklers; outdoor water use accounts for more than half of water use in a typical home. There are indeed other ways […]

Most Central Coast Reservoirs See Increase in Water Level from Week’s Storms

Several Central Coast reservoirs are gathering water from this week’s storms. In Santa Barbara County, the Cachuma and Gibraltar Reservoirs, both at their lowest levels in decades, saw an increase in depth. Gibraltar gained about one foot, while Cachuma saw about fifth of a foot. Gibraltar Reservoir, Santa Barbara County Credit The reservoirs in […]