California and the U.S.

The latest news and analysis covering water issues in Caliornia and the rest of the United States.

Showers Expected to Roll in After Dry February

San Francisco will quench its thirst for rain once again this week when a series of storms predicted to hit The City as early as Thursday roll in, according to the National Weather Service. The storms come after a dry month for San Francisco, which pulled in a mere 0.09 inches of rainfall in February, […]

California Reservoirs Are Dumping Water in a Drought, but Science Could Change That

There’s a rule in California that may seem bizarre in a drought-stricken state: in the winter, reservoirs aren’t allowed to fill up completely. In fact, even as this post goes up, a handful of reservoirs are releasing water to maintain empty space. The practice, which has long inflamed combatants in California’s water wars, is due […]