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Wet Winter Doesn’t End Climate Change Risk To Colorado River

Snow swamped mountains across the U.S. West last winter, leaving enough to thrill skiers into the summer, swelling rivers and streams when it melted, and largely making wildfire restrictions unnecessary. But the wet weather can be misleading. Climate change means the region is still getting drier and hotter. “It only demonstrates the wide swings we […]

Toxic Algae Has Killed Dogs Across The U.S. This Summer. Now California Is On Alert

Toxic, blue-green algae blooms that poisoned dogs across the country this summer with deadly results have California water officials on alert for the dangerous bacteria. The bacteria are blamed for the deaths of three dogs after a swim in a Wilmington, N.C., pond that contained the algae beds, reported Raleigh-Durham television station WTVD-TV on Monday. […]

New CA Lawn Sprinkler Standards = Huge Water & Energy Savings

California officials today adopted one of the most important and consequential water-saving measures ever implemented by any state, establishing an efficiency standard for new spray sprinklers that will reduce irrigation system misting and overspray that is common around urban landscapes. It’s a huge step given that nearly half of all of California’s drinking water is […]

UCLA To Lead $10 Million California Conservation Project

UCLA scientists are leading a $10 million project to help California officials make ecologically wise decisions as the state continues to confront the effects of climate change. The California Conservation Genomics Project, which is funded by the state, will involve conservation biologists, geneticists, ecologists and climate scientists from all 10 University of California campuses, the […]

NID Program Looks To Protect Local Reservoirs From Invasive Aquatic Mussels

With boating season in high gear, efforts continue to protect local reservoirs from aquatic invasive species. Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is working to keep quagga and zebra mussels out of its reservoirs through boater education and a self-inspection program, as well as quarterly monitoring at Scotts Flat, Rollins and Combie reservoirs. No quagga or zebra […]

Excessive Heat Warning Issued As Sacramento Valley Temperatures Trend Toward 110

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning throughout most of interior Northern California for the rest of the week, as the Central Valley is expected to swelter in the mid-to-high triple digits. The heat warning is in place 11 a.m. Wednesday through 10 p.m. Friday. During that time, highs across Sacramento Valley […]